Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts New days new changes comin to Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 2018...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Kona will be open today from 10 am to 4pm.. last day of the 12 daze of Christmas Sales. 25% off..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 12 Daze of Progessive Christmas Sales at Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts: Today is 20% off .. Wednesday is 21% Thursday is 22%, Friday is 23% Saturday 24% and Sunday is 25% . Hit Cloud 9 up on Instagram @Cloud9Kona . new deals posted daily (well almost)..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts On the 12 Daze of Chrismaas Cloud 9 gave to me.. .....
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Happy Shatterdaze every Saturday at Cloud 9.. All 710, Errl Gear,is always 20% off at the Cloud.. dab safely..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Small Business Shatterdaze: Please support all your small & local businesses in your community today. The Sale is on till Sunday. Cloud 9.. 5 employees, 8 years same location for all your Smoking & Vaping accessories, trim bins to scissors, CBD's, Glass, Wood, Acrylic, ceramic Pipes, Posters, T Shirts, Incense, Stash Boxes, Heady Glass, Pelican Cases, Hookahs & Shisha, Enails, Cd's, Tapestries. MMJ CARD? Dr Webb is here every Saturday at Cloud 9. Appointment is needed.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Green Friday & Small Business Appreciation Daze at Cloud 9.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Cloud 9.. a state of Elation. located at the base of Mt Hualalai on the Kona Coast.. Aloha Friday.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Thursday the 26th.. If you'd like to follow us in Instagram we are @cloud9kona , daily deals and specials will be posted there s well as SPECIAL OFFERS.. :) . Cloud 9 Kona also has a new dedicated 2nd phone line.. 808.937.9710.. c ya round Cloud 9
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Harvest & Hempee Shatterdaze. It's an awesome Harvest season for sure.. Don't forget Cloud 9 has all your trimming needs "Trim Bins & Chikamasa & Fiskars Scissors oh my.. DAB RIGS Galore.. All 710 gear is 20% off every Shatterdaze.. Dab Safely now..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts IRONLUNG BONGATHON SALE: Friday October 13th & Saturday the 14th.. Over 1000 BONGS nd DAB RIGS .. CLoud 9 is open all during IronMan..
Sel Danslard Taking a moment to say that Mark Nelson friendship means alot to me. That it is honor to know such an interesting warm human. 2017-10-13T17:41:05+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts September 12th 2017 last day of the Cloud 9's - 2 weeks Birthday Bash Sales.. unreal deals today... as it is also 2 - 4 Tuesday..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 2 weeks Birthday Sale is on! Deals Galore: Cloud 9 will be open Labor Day..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts TWO 4 TUESDAY's at Cloud 9.. There's always a special Glass Deal of the day.. E Juices.. Buy 2 get 3.. Tons of new stock arrives in.. Cpme see us to find out what the specials are..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Mr & Mrs Clouds Birthday Sale: 8-28 thru 9-12:: Two Weeks full of sales galore. Follow us on Instagram @Cloud9kona for daily deals also..Our fine selection of Handpipes, waterpipes, vaporizers wax and herb, insence,storage jars, extraction equipment, Scissors, Trim Bins, Bubble Bags,Tobacco's and Cigars, Blunt Wraps, Papers, A to Z... and an awesome staff of 8 years strong...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts If you'd like to follow Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts in Instagram we are @cloud9kona .. daily deals all the time..
Zackery Kuyten
Off the Grid Productions We would like to give a big shoutout to to all the amazing sponsors we have supporting this wonderful event! Thank you for all the great and unique services you provide to the island.


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Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts For those of you who are not aware of the SITSA Act of 2017 This is a bill the DEA is pushing forward in the Senate trying to give themselves the power to ban anything they want into a new type of scheduling; Schedule A. Basically they want to be able to ban things at will with out congress involved. While the Bill is called "Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017" nowhere in the bill is the power to schedule limited to synthetics. In addition the DEA is taking away any judicial review for the first 5 years after they ban a substance. While this is not a direct attempt to ban kratom, it can be used to ban any substance including kratom with no judicial review. No checks and balances what so ever. This makes everyone worry. Kratom industry, CBD industry, and many other industries alike. Many of us were less worried about this bill as there have been several groups working on clarifying and limiting the language on the SITSA bill with the DEA. Recently the DEA rejected changes to this bill that would limit this bill to synthetics only. In addition they also rejected having any sort of review to their decisions on any new scheduling using the powers granted to them using this bill. This means they intend to use this freely against anything they want with no reviews by anyone. Please educate anyone you can on this topic. Here is a link to a petition by AKA to those who oppose the SITSA bill. please get as many people as possible to sign this petition. Please see the email from the AKA: Kratom Supporters Your help is needed immediately! I apologize for the short notice, but we have learned that the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee plans to “markup” the SITSA Act tomorrow. Many of the amendments proposed by the American Kratom Association (AKA) are being considered by members of the Committee, but we have just learned that the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, wants the SITSA Act pushed through the House before the upcoming August recess to show action in the fight against the opioid epidemic - so there will be little time for consideration of any amendments in this accelerated scheduling. If you live in the congressional districts of any of the members of the House Judiciary Committee listed below, I would ask you to please pick up the phone and call them and ask them to support the American Kratom Association amendments to SITSA. We need those members of Congress to hear from you. Our voice is being heard! Our lobbying team has heard many favorable reports about the recommended amendments we offered, but in the name of political expediency, the House leadership wants the SITSA Act to be sent to the US Senate before the August recess. Our allies in the Senate are ready to help, but we need to send a clear message to the House that the SITSA Act is too broad and gives too much power to the Attorney General, without any scientific check on scheduling of substances that are proven to be safe and not dangerously addictive. So please, if you live in the congressional district of one of these members, make the call immediately. Congressman District Phone Number Trey Gowdy South Carolina 4th 202-225-6030 Louie B. Gohmert, Jr. Texas 1st 202-225-3035 Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. Wisconsin 5th 202-225-5101 Steve Chabot Ohio 1st 202-225-2216 Ted Poe Texas 2nd 202-225-6565 John Ratcliffe Texas 4th 202-225-6673 Martha Roby Alabama 2nd 202-225-2901 Mike Johnson Louisiana 4th 202-225-2777 Bob Goodlatte Virginia 6th 202-225-5431 Lamar Smith Texas 21st 202-225-4236 Darrell Issa California 49th 202-225-3906 Steve King Iowa 4th 202-225-4426 Trent Franks Arizona 8th 202-225-4576 Jim Jordan Ohio 4th 202-225-2676 Tom Marino Pennsylvania 10th 202-225-3731 Raul Labrador Idaho 1st 202-225-6611 Blake Farenthold Texas 27th 202-225-7742 Doug Collins Georgia 9th 202-225-9893 Ron DeSantis Florida 6th 202-225-2706 Ken Buck Colorado 4th 202-225-4676 Matt Gaetz Florida 1st 202-225-4236 Andy Biggs Arizona 5th 202-225-2635 Sheila Jackson Lee Texas 18th 202-225-3816 Ted Deutsch Florida 22nd 202-225-3001 Karen Bass California 37th 202-225-7084 Cedric Richmond Louisiana 2nd 202-225-6636 Hakeem Jeffries New York 8th 202-225-5936 Ted Lieu California 33rd 202-225-3976 Jamie Raskin Maryland 8th 202-225-5341 John Conyers, Jr. Michigan 13th 202-225-5126 Jerry Nadler New York 10th 202-225-5635 Zoe Lofgren California 19th 202-225-3072 Steve Cohen Tennessee 9th 202-225-3265 Hank Johnson, Jr. Georgia 4th 202-225-1605 Luis Gutierrez Illinois 4th 202-225-8203 David Cicilline Rhode Island 1st 202-225-4911 Eric Swalwell California 15th 202-225-5065 Pramila Jayapal Washington 7th 202-225-3106 Brad Schneider Illinois 10th 202-225-4835 We appreciate your support to keep kratom legal, and to protect and preserve the freedom of consumers to make their own choices for their health and well-bing. Sincerely, Dave Herman Chairman of the Board American Kratom Association #iamkratom To DONATE, please click on the following link:
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy 710 today is the last day of the week long sales at Cloud 9.. today is exceptional as the deals are even better...
Nicholas Chipps That mean you will be open at 710am too? Jk see you after 10am 2017-07-10T16:36:23+0000 Felix Vulpes Happy 710 y'all! 2017-07-10T16:43:01+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Indabpendance Daze Sale July 3rd thru July 10th.. 710. errlDay.. All Waterpipes 30% off. Handpipes Buy 1 Get 2nd one = or less value for $7.10.. All E Juices buy 2 get 3.. Open July 4th.. at 10AM.. lots of great new gear as always...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Please feel free to take a virtual tour inside Cloud 9..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Hempee Sahtterdaze: All concentrate 710 errl oil gear is 20% off every Shatterday at Cloud 9..
Matt Studebaker Hey there! This is Matt with MAV Glass! I created an event for the raffle we got going on! it'd be awesome if you could join in on it and invite people you know so we can get the word spreading pretty soon. Your piece is on the way along with the raffle tickets! Let me know if you have any questions!
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts More new clothing arrivals Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts!
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Available now at Cloud 9! Sure originals!
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts HAPPY 420.. Get your schmokin on and come on into the Cloud today for tons of prizes and goodie kine things.. We be schmokin..
Tj Lawrence U guys got any 4/20 sales goin on today 2017-04-20T20:11:17+0000 Kristie Lee Loewe Happy 420, and Mahalo 2017-04-21T04:04:01+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 6 DAYS till 4/20 and $4200.00 in prizes and gifts to be given away at Cloud 9 Kona. All you have to do is fill out a ticket with your name & phone # at Cloud 9 Kona. If your ticket is drawn on 42/0 you must answer your phone, when we call, you're a winner. No Purchase required, 1 Entry per person, must be 21 or older with valid ID..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Jammin Honu & Lion Prints, by Master artist Jeremy StRebel . Delivered in person by Jeremy, are now available at Cloud 9 Kona.. We love all our Jammin gear at Cloud 9 Kona.. and so will you..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts $4200.00 in Prizes and gifts will be given away on April 20th 2017 at the Cloud.. All you have to do to win is come on in to the shop, fill out a ticket, name and phone # drop it into the bowl.. and if we call you oin 4/20 you will win.. If you remember last years prizes and gifts, well this year just got A LOT BETTER.. Sales on all products begin April 17th at 10am.. The deals will surely be SMOKIN HOT!!!
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Wellness Wedesday CBD Central Station at Cloud 9: Lotions, Creams, Tinctures, Edibles,Gummies Galore, Wax, Crystal Isolate, CBD Capsules, Pet CBD, Vape Pens Pre Made or make your own and choose a variety of CBD Vaporizer solutions to meet your needs. All CBD products are in variable dosages 10mg -1000mg, There is everything at Cloud 9's CBD Central Station that you need..Come on in and ask one of the staff can show you how to mix your own and save $$$ or buy any itme already pre packaged. No medical card needed, must be 21 or older valid ID..Cloud 9, West Hawaii's largest and most complete CBD locaion. Open 7 days a weeks at 10 am..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Shatterdaze: Where all 710, Dab, Errl, Concentrate gear is 20% off ecery Sharredaze.. Cloud 9 open 7 daze a week at 10 am..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Wellness Wednesday at Cloud 9..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 7th Anniversary Customers Apperciation Daze... February 3rd thru 10th..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Wellness Wednesday at the Cloud, All CBD Lotions, Tinctures, Edibles, Waxes, CBD Crystal Isolate. 20% off today... Huge Supply and Stock of many different varities and flavors of CBD..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two for Tuesdays at Cloud 9..
Kala Mula What's that mean ? Two for the price of one ? 2017-01-10T20:27:02+0000 Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Buy 2 e juice, get one. 2017-04-13T18:21:40+0000 Kala Mula What about 420 sale ? 2017-04-13T18:28:17+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy December 31st Last Shatterdaze of the 2016 year. All Dab rigs, Dab Gear, Oil 710, Errl gear is 20% off today.. May the Dabs be with you.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Shatterdaze the 24th Christmas Eve: we are open at 10 am today to when the last customer leaves.. entire shop is 25% off for those last minute >"Oh Shit" I forgot gifts or just whatever gifts. We are here for you.. .. Aloha Mele Kalikimaka..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Shatterdae: 12 daze of Christmas sale is on.. today is the 17th of December and all discounts are 18%. sales go until the 24th.. Ask one one of the crew for a CBD Isolate Dab today while yur in, and check out all the other CBD, edibles, Tinctures, Lotions, Creams, Wax etc..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Happy Birthday Erin Edmundson. Cloud 9 Emporium and Gifts, Manager, and all around great woman, awesome mom,superb friend, what more can we say. It has been a wonderful last 16 years. Erin you've been a solid foundation of our business since the inception, 7 years 8 months ago, and I just can't say thanks enough for all you have done for our customers, vendors and us. We wish you the very best of Birthdays. We love you very much..
Cindy Smart She is the best! 2016-12-08T19:17:05+0000 Valerie Crivello Happy Birthday Erin!!! 2016-12-08T19:24:45+0000 Albert Calonod Happy birthday Erin!!! You're the best in the west!!! You always treat customers like family!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!God bless to your business and family and of course your wonderful workers! Albert 2016-12-14T20:30:44+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts what happens on a standard 3 day delivery hmmmmmmm a long strange trip it is.. November 29, 2016 , 2:51 pm Departed USPS Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An updated delivery date will be provided when available. Your item departed our USPS facility in PORTLAND, OR 97218 on November 29, 2016 at 2:51 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. November 28, 2016 , 5:00 pm Arrived at USPS Destination Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 November 24, 2016 , 9:03 pm In Transit to Destination November 24, 2016 , 12:14 am In Transit to Destination November 23, 2016 , 10:47 pm Departed USPS Facility HONOLULU, HI 96820 November 23, 2016 , 12:14 am Arrived at USPS Facility HONOLULU, HI 96820 November 22, 2016 , 9:45 pm In Transit to Destination November 21, 2016 , 9:45 pm Departed USPS Destination Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 November 21, 2016 , 9:40 pm Arrived at USPS Destination Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 November 20, 2016 , 11:46 pm In Transit to Destination November 19, 2016 , 11:46 pm Departed USPS Destination Facility MEDFORD, OR 97501 November 19, 2016 , 8:35 pm Arrived at USPS Facility MEDFORD, OR 97501 November 19, 2016 , 2:54 pm Departed USPS Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 November 19, 2016 , 7:14 am Arrived at USPS Destination Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 November 19, 2016 , 1:36 am In Transit to Destination November 18, 2016 , 1:36 am Arrived at USPS Origin Facility PHILADELPHIA, PA 19116 November 17, 2016 , 4:31 pm Departed Post Office BARNESVILLE, PA 18214 November 17, 2016 , 12:59 pm Acceptance BARNESVILLE, PA 18214
Kellie Brannock Hyatt We are having problems with recieving packages right now too here near Portland. Must be under staffed! 2016-11-30T17:34:43+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 7th Annual Green Friday Sale . Starts at 10am Friday and goes till Sunday 420pm.. or whenvah..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 7th Annual Green Friday Sale . Starts at 10am Friday and goes till Sunday 420pm.. or whenvah..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Happy Shatterdaze, 20% off all 710 errl gear every Shatterday at Cloud 9. Our newst Glass by CHEECH & CHONG is ready for you.. all wrapped in its own case, no mattter which piece it is.. Ask for a e nail dab of CLOUDS 99.5% CBD Crystal Isolate, Make you own CBD Lotions, Tinctures etc, Or purchase them already made for you in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, & 1000mg dosages.. Cloud 9 is the leader for your CBD headquarters on the Kona Coast.
Robert Landers Love it, Just Wish It Was In waimea 2016-11-13T09:35:24+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts CBD DABS at CLOUD 9 all day every day. Just ask us for your CBD Dab.. Wether it Be a CBD Wax or the 99.5% CBD Crystal Isolate.. We will CBD DAB you down.. Take a huge CBD DAB off the ENail and see what happens. Tinctures, Lotions, Edibles,(Gummie Bears, Carmel Corn, Goldfish Crackers,Lolipops) DAB Waxes, Crystal Isolate, U name have it. Dog Chewable CBD's are coming in soon. Cloud 9 has the lasgest and most extensive assortment of CBD'S on Island and tons more are arriving daily.. Cloud 9 is your CBD Dispensary of Hawaii Island..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts The Gang at Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts would like to wish Sean Edmundson a great Happy 27th Birthday . Sean has been with Cloud 9 for 7 years now, We could not have done this without ya buddy.. We wish you the very best Birthdaze...enjoy the day off and may your Dabs always be sweet, tasty & heady .. Big Mahalos Sean for everything. Job well done!
Sel Danslard The most friendly and knowledgeable shop on the Big Isle. Find the bithday present you allways wanted at Cloud Nine. Walk away with a BIG smile. 2016-10-20T18:41:04+0000 Scott Hall Happy birthday brah .love talking story wit ya 2016-10-20T20:15:05+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Shatterdaze > IronMan> 2016> Cloud 9 is open at 10am to 6pm or whenevah, for the 7th Annual IronLung Bongathon Sale.. 35% off glass.. Upper and middle roads are open to Costco..
Basil Greenleaf Mark Nelson how much too pack me up a glass skull .. looks like a great xmas present 2016-12-04T18:52:30+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts IronMan weekend is the IRONLUNG BONGATHON sale at CLOUD 9 we are open Saturday & Sunday at 10 am: The Middle & Upper roads are open. 35% off all glass..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts IronLung Bongathon Sale Saturday 10am-6pm October 8th & Sunday October 9th: all Glass Bongs and handpipes are 35% off. HVY, BlackSands,OG Tubes,Hitman, JBD, ZOB, Dynomite, Triolgy, NiteRider, AMG, Jellyfish.. and on and on... The upper and middle roads will be open during IRONMAN so avoid the crowds take the middle and upper roads in.. 35% all Glass!!!.. tons of new arrivals.. and please check out Cloud 9's new "CBD CENTRAL STATION" tinctures, lotions, edibles ( hehe) Try a Dab of the new CBD Crystal Isolate (99.5%pure CBD) or Wax CBD too. All LEGAL...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts HARVEST TIME FALL 2016 HAWAII: 2 for Tuesdays: Trim Bins and Scissors: Hand in hand.. Bubble Bags and Washing Machines for that ohhh soo gooey "BUBBLE HASH".. New arrivals of all Acrosss International 1.9 Ovens arrive SEPTEMBER 4th Secure yours before the next shipment, A.I. is building them as fast as they can.. oh yeah, All Extraction Gear available for the Grower who knows their shit..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two for Tuesdays at Cloud 9.. nothing set in stome exceport that we offer many 2 for Tuesday deals throughout the store.. C ya round Cloud 9
Sel Danslard Best shop on the island! Run by kind, friendly folks. So stuff your pockets full of cash and head on down o the costco area and get that cool stuff you have been waiting to get for your birthday that you havent gotten yet. 2016-09-13T18:41:33+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Harvest Sales are right around the corner.. Trim Bins, Scissors, Bubble Bags & Wash Machines oh my.. This years harvest no doubt is going to be a good one for many..
Sel Danslard Love Mark Nelson 2016-09-12T17:39:53+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts We are open today until 6pm... Labor Day Deals... oh yes... just ask...
Aaron Estoy Ima swing by I got questions on the cbd prices 2016-09-05T20:52:00+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 100% LEGAL CBD's AVAILABLE AT Cloud 9 Kona : These are for Dabbing, Teas or Baked goods. Dab the Crystal Isolate with your Dab Rig, E Nail or a great Vape Pen Cloud of CBD's. 2 Versions for you; 1) CBD Wax & Oils 300mg in 1 gram containers: 2) CBD 99.46% Pure Crystal Isolate 1/2 Gram vials 500mg CBD.. Unreal Cherry Flavors and ohhhhhh the warmth and ease these CBD's have for the body.. hmmmmmmmm. add them into your favorite Brownies or Cookies too.. to enhance your THC's, that all LEGAL MMJ patients have.. The 1st batch sold out in 3 days. We have searched for the cleanest and purest CBD's available for our customers, and have been able to bring them in for you.. 21 or older ID required. Happy Shatterdaze...
Aaron Estoy Nice lol I got a guy out here that does a lot of cbd studies for medical purposes and it really is amazing the health benefits from it 2016-09-04T22:03:03+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Hempee Happy Shatterdaze: Every Saturday is always 20% off on all 710 gear... c ya 'rouind on Cloud 9...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Vacuum Ovens and all Across International Products are now available at Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts. a division of Southern Lights Sales & Consulting. Hawai'is Distributor for all Across Internaional Products. Drop Ships available.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Medicali Dab Rigs: Buy one get one for FREE today;; Un real For Real Deals on Two For Tuesday at Cloud 9..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two or Tuesdays at Cloud 9 today.. Some un real for real deals going down: HITMAN GLASS Specials: Old School rigs, $100.00 each, were $ 377.10. take advantage of our LOSS...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Now in stock at Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Goo Morning Happy 710 Day... Last day of Clouds annual July4th -July 10th sale.. Un real Deals. Come on in and see Sean & Zach today.. tell em Cloud says High... Dab em if you got em and share some with a friend..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Hempee 4th of July: Sales start today and we are open at 10 am...
Tj Lawrence Happy 4th u guys have a good one 2016-07-04T19:06:19+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Shatterdaze Big Island... Open at 10 am for all your 4th needs.. Every Shatterday is 20% off all 710, OIL,Errl, gear..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Aloha Friday... Let the IndabPendaence Daze begin..
Sel Danslard So glad to see a comment from the store, was worried. Thanks for carrying ORGANIC rolling papers! 2016-07-01T17:34:58+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two for Tuesdays always at Cloud 9...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Happy Shatterdaze the 18th... back from a great #roadtrip 20% off all 710 / Oil rigs and all 710 Gear... every Shtterdaze at the Cloud..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Throwback Thursday: All Acrylics are 20% off...get a piece for the beach or mountains... an on the go rig..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two For Tuesdays.., always at Cloud 9... open at 10am... Dab safely and toke freely...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Hempee Aloha Fridaze the 13th...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Rainy Day Monday in most of the Island today so far.. C'mon on in and see what is in store for your 420, 710 and 1130 gear. All day everyday 7 daze a week Open at 10...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts MAY 7th : Cloud 9 will be closing today at 5PM. we will need time to get our sorry asses up to see Cheech & Chong... Happy Shatterdaze.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Happy Shatterdaze. 20% off all 710 Errl Dab Shats gear every Shatterday open at 6
Sel Danslard Best shop and most informed and helpful counter crew. You just cant help but like these folks. Come on down and meet your new best friend! 2016-04-30T18:03:01+0000 Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Thanks Mr R.. Have a very Jerry Day.....Aloha Nui.. 2016-05-02T15:39:46+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two for Tuesdays always at Cloud 9
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Sundaze are Fundaze at Cloud 9... We would love to thank everyone who came out this last week for the biggest and longest 420 SaleAbration EVER on Hawai'i Island. Mahalo Nui to all our customers and friends. we appreicate all of your support.. Much Love & Respect.. Mr & Mrs Cloud..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Freakee Friday and the 420 Sale is on till Shatterdaze the 23rd.. Cloud 9 really stocked up this season.. the 2 for deals are insanely priced....
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 420 sales goes till Shatteray this week.. its been one busy week for sure.. but for all those who could not make it in, you have 3 more days... of woop woop deals...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Hempee 420 2016: Wow off the charts here today and Free Dominos Pizza by PAX Vaporizers and Cloud 9 starts at 420: while it lasts.. Next 3 Customers who purchase a PAX vaporizer will ge a PAX Gift Card for a nice Bomber Jacket... $100 Value.. we had 5 to give away from PAX Vaporizers..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Come on in & register to win one of over $2000.00 in glass and prizes to be drawn at 420 on 4/20.. must be 21 years or older no purchase needed. ID REQUIRED!! No exceptions. Ask about the Clouds " 2 for deals... AMAZING.........
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 420 SALE is on all week long... till the 23rd.. no chumpy one day 420 sales here..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 2 for Tuesdays? and all in the 420 SALEABRATION week.. whoa nellie.. scores galore kiddies for all your red eyes..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Monday April 18th at 10am Starts Cloud 9's annnual 420 SALEABRATION & 6th Yearr anniversary sales: Extensive new glass selection, new MaryJane Smoke wear Ladies & Guys, new glass by Medicali, JBD, BlackSandsGlass, ZOB, HVY, GG, Jellyfish, Matty White, and tons more, Sale Ends April 23rd : Yes all week long.. Over $2000.00 in Glass and prizes to be given away starting at 420 on 4/20.. Must be 21 years of age to enter at Cloud 9 shop only Kona. ID IS REQUIRED!... Cloud 9 has the largest selection glass and vaporizers under one roof with the most knowledgable industry oriented and friedly staff on Island. And if you need to get your Hawaii MMJ card or Renew it, Cloud 9upstairs office building is the only place in all West Hawai'i with Drs in house 3 days a week. You must make your own appointment no walk ins.. Dr Berg or Dr Webb
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts S>H>I>T> so honey its thursday....
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Sundaze are Fundaze at Cloud 9.. wanna find out? come on in and ask the guys today.. Just tell them Herman Schniblegobble sent you in...really..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Do you need your Hawaii Medical Marijuana Card, renewed or want to see a Dr.? The Cloud 9 Building 2nd floor on Maiau st are the offices of both Dr. Jim Berg & Dr. Charlie Webb for the last 4 years now. You may call either Dr. directly to schedule an appointment. Hawai'is Marijuana Medical Dispensaries will be opening by July 2016.
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Happy Hempee Shatterdaze: Every Saturdaze are always 20% off all and any 710, Dab, Errl, Pens, rigs, etc... etc... etc.. Open at 10..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts On the 12th day of 420 Cloud 9 gave to me.. 1 Jerome Baker and a dab hit in a Palm Tree.. Aloha Friday..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts 14 Days left to Register for Cloud 9's 4/20 at 420 GREATEST EVER over $2,000.00 in Glass & prizes to be gifted. Must be 21 with I.D. While your at Cloud 9 just fill out the ticket with your name and phone number, if your ticket is drawn in 4/20 we will call you and say you win, all ya gotta do is come in and pick up your gift. No purchase required..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts
Sel Danslard Best shop on the big island! Friendiest and most informed crew! Come on down to a local biz! 2016-04-06T20:05:03+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Two fer Tuesdaze All day every Twosday..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Monday April 4th 2016: Happy Square Root Month Day Year. 4/4/16...
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Cloud 9: Yep, Hawaii Islands " Hole in the Wall Gang" we are set back off a main street, quiet., easily accessable, funky, groovy, laid back, packed full of goodies. open 7 Daze a week. Hawaii Islands largest, most complete, smoke n vape shop... oh and the best people working there too..
Sandy Webb I love this place!💘 2016-04-04T17:18:48+0000
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Hempee Shatteraze: 2014 HTCC Denver at our booth.. Jason rockin it.. Jerome Baker
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Please make sure to register in the shop for our annual 420 Salebration prize give aways. Over $2,000.00 worth if glass and prizes to be given away on 4/20 starting at 420, Must be 21 ID required. you do not need to be present to win, just answer your phone if your ticket is drawn.. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.. SALE STARTS 4/18 thru 4/23.. ALL WEEK
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Free Dabs all day long at the Cloud... Aloha Friday: April Fools..
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts CKNJ October 2011: Bob Snodgrass & Ben Naiman "WOW" Thanks so much Jerome Baker.. #JBD #nokaoi
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts CKNJ October 2011: Buck n Lacey, Dizzle is not in this pic. epic Times: Thanks so much Jerome Baker.. #JBD #nokaoi
Cloud 9 Emporium & Gifts Brainiac Thought of the Day: On September 9th 1981 was one of the last time this event occuured. This event will be coming up once again this next Monday> It will not happen again until the year 2025. What is this event?

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